CMS and Time and Attendance

CMS stands for Content Management System. Cms is very important for any website online. This is because it is alot easier to manage a site using CMS. Before CMS was available, Everyone who created a site used to have to start by scratch, And this ment that you had to code every bit of the site. But since CMS has been released, There is no need to do any more of that coding! And websites are now as easy as ever to get online.

Build and customize your flash website easily Saffron Flash CMS will help you build a CMS driven flash website easily with its 7 powerful components. Click here for an in-depth account of these components.

No real technical knowledge required You don't need to be an expert in FLASH programming to build your FLASH website. Saffron Flash CMS will help you build an effective one with its pre built-in components.

No database required - All data gets stored in an XML file so you do not need extra space for a database. This is a perfect solution for websites having small to medium amount of content.

Minimal Requirements - No need to install any third party software to run this application just basic requirements as any flash website would have.

Intuitive user interface - allowing both FLASH developers and administrators, unprecedented capabilities to make Websites work most effectively. You save time and money by taking total control managing, creating, updating and editing content, without needing IT intervention.
Multi-platform Platform independent, installs on Time and Attendance Systems, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X, and more.

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